Four year olds taught about sexual assault at ‘kindness’ school

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Children as young as four are receiving lessons about sexual assault, mental illness and cyber bullying in the UK’s first “kindness” school.

Pupils are also being taught about how to spot fake news and trolling on social media.

The lessons are being rolled out by Ewyas Harold Primary School in Hereford, which is the first official “kindness school” in the UK.

Four-year-olds are learning how to recognise when they are the victim of sexual assault, while older children have classes with rape counsellors.

Lessons are also devoted to depression and other mental health conditions.

The school is part of the Kindness Movement, an organisation that promotes the importance of kindness within society.

Head teacher Laura Wallace said children’s’ mental health is a “massive issue”.

“We can do all we can for physical wellbeing, and while that is all well and good, mental health is a massive, massive issue,” she said.

“If we start explaining that to children at the age of four, including self-esteem issues, we will have a generation where it's acceptable and they know how to deal with issues in life.”

The school is working with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and its “pants programme”.

Ms Wallace said it “features the Pantosaurus saying what's in your pants belongs only to you.”

She said the school places a great importance on “children having a healthy mind”.

“Developing personal confidence and the willingness to take on new experiences and challenges are among the core aims of our school,” she said.

“We advocate an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance. We also believe that teaching a sense of kindness, appreciation, respect and compassion is a vital part of childhood education.”

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