Fracking tsar: Stop getting 'hysterical' about fracking

Monday, April 29, 2019

The government's former shale gas commissioner has accused people of being "hysterical" about fracking, and called for a "rational" debate on the issue.

Natascha Engel resigned from her role at the weekend, citing the reason as "ridiculous" regulations, which limit drillers from causing Earth tremors.

"If you apply the standards that are being applied to fracking you would not build another hospital or build another school," she told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"Unless we impose the same standards and regulations on the fracking industry that we do on any other constructional industry then fracking is just not going to happen in this country."

She added that "scaremongering" had led the debate around fracking to date.

"We need to get more rational about the debate and stop being so hysterical about scaremongering examples that don’t even exist in America and actually get fracking in order to get our carbon emissions down."

Despite fierce opposition to fracking from environmental campaigners, Ms Engel said they should instead be supporting the process.

"Environment lobbyists and campaigners should be fracking’s number one fans. They should be pushing the government to get fracking while we try and bridge that gap between the renewable energy that we’re using at the moment which is absolutely negligible.

"The problem is that we do knee jerk policy making so we have the environment lobby making noise and ministers respond very quickly without actually looking into the details of things so that’s exactly how bad policies are made.”

Words by Wesley Hudson

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