France unveils plan to prepare for possible no-deal Brexit

France unveils plan to prepare for possible no-deal Brexit

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

France’s government has unveiled a bill to get the country ready in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The plan would allow the French government to quickly pass emergency measures by decree if needed, as Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29.

European affairs minister Nathalie Loiseau said she hopes a successful Brexit agreement is possible but that "nevertheless, we must prepare ourselves for all the scenarios, including a no deal".

One measure would grant British citizens living in France reciprocal rights along with French citizens in the UK, while others concern the movement of goods and people.

Ms Loiseau said the bill might change depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

France's plan follows EU recommendations to member states to be prepared for all eventualities.


'The UK expects the same' 

Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham

This comes as Prime Minister Theresa May gave her keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference. 

Speaking about her Brexit proposals, she said: "Some people ask me to rule out no deal. But if I did that I would weaken our negotiating position and have to agree to whatever the EU offers.

"And at the moment that would mean accepting one of two things.

"Either a deal that keeps us in the EU in all but name, keeps free movement, keeps vast annual payments and stops us signing trade deals with other countries.

"Or a deal that carves off Northern Ireland, a part of this country, effectively leaving it in the EU’s Custom’s Union.

"So, let us send a clear message from this hall today: we will never accept either of those choices.

"We will not betray the result of the referendum.

"And we will never break up our country. I have treated the EU with nothing but respect. The UK expects the same."