Fraudster jailed for £58,000 benefits scam

Sean Owen has been jailed for two years

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A scammer has been jailed for stealing the identity of a man to pocket £58,000 in benefits, just weeks after he was released from prison for the same crime on the same victim.

Sean Owen, 56, was jailed in 2011 for impersonating banker Sean Owen,  but committed the same crime within weeks of being released a year later.

The imposter used the  National Insurance number to apply for employment support allowance and disability benefits.

The victim, who lived 35 miles away from the perpetrator, only discovered the repeated crime in 2018, when he found he was unable to get a tax rebate because he was already getting payouts.

‘Fake’ Sean Owen has been jailed for two years for dishonestly making a false statement to obtain a benefit.

Sean Owen has had his identity stolen twice by 56-year-old Sean Owen

And victim Mr Owen said his life and career has been “ruined”.

“I really hope that this person is brought to justice again because it has made my life a living hell,” he said.

“Sending him to prison should have done the trick in terms of him being punished but it just carried on.”

Mr Owen said he is still being confused for the ‘fake’ Sean, and is being pursued for unpaid council tax for a home he's never lived in.

In court, ‘fake’ Sean maintained his real name was Sean Owen.

His lawyer Alison Marks said he doesn’t have a birth certificate and has never had a National Insurance number.

“His earliest memories are living with Irish travellers in Wigan and from the age of nine in Reading and as far as he knows his name is Sean Owen,” she said.

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