French family who turned down five-bed council house branded 'outrageous' by TV property expert Luke Doonan

Family of 10 who turned down a five bedroom council house are 'outrageous', says property expert

The family turned down five bed property

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A French family of 10 who turned down a five bedroom council house have been criticised for their "outrageous" stance.

The family, which currently shares a three-bed council house, have criticised Luton Borough Council for not providing a bigger property and have said the offer of a five-bedroom home isn't enough.

They have asked for at least six double bedrooms and claimed their current living conditions are terrible.

They moved to the UK in 2012 so the father, Arnold Mballe Sube, could study mental health nursing at the University of Bedfordshire.

Property expert and television presenter Luke Doonan told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "In 10 or 15 years social housing will be so sparse so, personally, I think they're being outrageous.

"If you do decide to have eight kids, you have to have a personal level of responsibility to put something back into our system.

"It sounds like they're absolutely playing the system," he revealed. "1.8 million people are waiting for social housing."

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