French far-right mob storms migrant centre after Sudanese teen rapes elderly woman [VIDEO]

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Around 100 far-right demonstrators stormed a migrant centre in Britanny on Monday night after a local woman was sexually assaulted.

The horde of protesters broke down the door of the migrant centre at around 9pm local time after a demonstration in the village of Arzon, according to Local news site Ouest France.

Police used tear gas to quell the fury of the demonstrators after they broke into the centre, which was filled with young migrants, and several protesters were arrested following the attack.

It is reported that the majority of the demonstrators were from Rennes, with only around five hailing from Arzon itself.

The demonstration was sparked by the sexual assault of a local woman, reportedly aged 67 years old, by a 16-year-old migrant of Sudanese origin. The migrant, whose attack was susequently confirmed by the regional prosecutor, was staying in the centre when the offence took place last Thursday.

Prosecutor Francois Touron said: “The victim was taking the shopping out of her car when she was approached by a young man. In broken English he told her that her house was beautiful. Then he gave her a kiss. After the fifth kiss the woman pushed him back.

“The young man, from Sudan, touched the woman’s left breast, but at no point did he expose himself. He made a gesture as if he was masturbating, then ran off quickly.”

Local extremist groups have accused the aauthorities of a cover-up, although the prosecutor replied by saying the nature of the incident had been overplayed on social media.

The migrant was charged with sexual assault following the incident and is due to appear before a Britanny court in March.

Video of the protest was uploaded by the Ouest-France website. Watch it here: