French jihadists in Syria 'still receiving benefits and using money to fund Isis'

French jihadists in Syria 'still receiving benefits from France used to fund Isis'

Pro-government forces are fighting against Isis in Syria

Friday, October 27, 2017

French jihadists in Syria have still been able to claim benefits from France and this money has been used to help fund Isis, a report has claimed.

Investigators in France found benefits taken by the fighters included unemployment benefit and family allowances, Le Figaro newspaper said. Since 2012 around €500,000 (£444,300) has been sent from France to fund Isis.

Relatives of the fighters have allegedly been visiting employment centres in France to pick up the benefits each month and then sending the money to the jihadists, according to The Local.

An investigator said "armed with their cards and photos, the parents were able to access the funding from the Unemployment Agency or the Family Allowances". The money was then channelled to "combat zones, mostly via Turkey."

It is thought that at one point roughly 20% of French jihadists operating in Syria were still being handed money and just last year alone it is thought at least 420 claims were made like this.

Investigators have so far discovered 190 people involved in the process in France with 210 jihadists being sent the funds.

Police have now given welfare groups the names of those taking part in the scam so they can be removed from the system.