French spy accidentally sends vital text to suspected extremist he was watching

French spy accidentally sends important text to suspected extremist he was spying on

A text was sent to a suspected extremist (Stock image)

Friday, October 13, 2017

A French spy has made a huge mistake by accidentally sending a text to a suspected Islamist extremist he was supposed to be watching.

The text contained information about the radical Islamist himself and was intended for a colleague, according to The Local.

The suspected extremist responded quickly to the text and told the spy that he had made a very stupid mistake.

He also claimed that he had now warned his contacts they were the likely targets of surveillance.

This has angered the General Directorate for Internal Security and it has now stopped the investigation due to the text.

The suspect was accused of preaching extremist Islam in Ile-de-France, Greater Paris.

Local media have dubbed the incident a “monumental blunder."