French surfer lassoes 100kg tuna and somehow drags it to shore

Frenchman catches enormous tuna and surfs to shore off Atlantic beach

The fish weighed 100 kilos and was two metres long (Credit: Facebook - Eric Daumas)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It's not everyday you catch a giant tuna, especially if you don't have a fishing rod.

But surfer Philippe de Lepervanche managed the incredible feat while catching waves in Lacanau, southwest France.

Lepervanche caught the mammoth fish on the Atlantic coast near to Bordeaux, when other surfers began to flee the water out of fear of what was thought to be a shark. 

Lepervanche, however, identified the fish as a large tuna, and lassoed it with the cord on his surfboard. 

The Frenchman battled with it as he tried to surf back to shore, eventually managing to bring it onto the beach. 

The tuna weighed 100 kilos, and was longer than the man who captured it at two metres in length. 

Lepervanche and his friends quickly gutted it, cooking tuna steaks for bystanders and freezing what was left. 

The full story can be found on Facebook here.