Fresh PR disaster for Tories as Twitter account deletes message congratulating Chris Grayling over party chairman appointment

Chris Grayling was the subject of another PR embarrassment for the Tories today

The Tories were facing a fresh PR disaster this morning as the party's official Twitter account was moved to delete a tweet this morning congratulating Chris Grayling on his appointment as party chairman.

The tweet was reportedly only up for a matter of seconds before being removed.

There is widespread speculation that the appointment is not even confirmed. Times journalist Sam Coates wrote: "I’m told there’s “internal pushback” against Chris Grayling to CCHQ. Hence confusion and Teeet deletion [sic]."

The volte-face is yet another embarrassment for the Tories, after months of PR own goals for the party.

The disastrous election result last June was followed by a series of nightmares at the party conference, which saw Theresa May's speech overshadowed by a coughing fit and a collapsing sign.

May herself has been blighted by accusations of weakness after a series of public disagreements with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

May is widely tipped to announce a major reshuffle imminently, as she bids to reassert her authority.

The latest embarrassment drew howls of derision on Twitter, with users lining up to stick the boot in.