Furious Grenfell Tower resident tells inquiry judge 'you're going to repeat the mistakes of Hillsborough'

Residents gave Sir Martin Moore-Bick a passionate interrogation tonight

Residents gave Sir Martin Moore-Bick a passionate interrogation tonight

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The man charged with leading the inquiry into Grenfell Tower has faced an angry interrogation from local residents tonight, with one suggesting he was going to repeat the mistakes made in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster.

Retired judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick faced a public meeting tonight, as the furore over his appointment to lead the inquiry continues.

A defiant Moore-Bick told the audience many have already made their minds up that he will do a "hatchet job," suggesting he was the victim of unhelpful misconceptions.

In response, one attendee said "not a hatchet job - you're going to do a Taylor report, like for Hillsborough, which was very technical but didn't deal with the wider issues and took 30 years for people to be arrested."

Moore-Bick then told the attendee this is why "it's important to get the terms of reference right and for you to tell me what you think it should cover." But his interrogator replied "we did - and then you dismissed [the recommendations] on TV."

Moore-Bick also promised his audience: "I know what it is to be impartial, I've been a judge for 20 years, and I give you my word that I will look into this matter to the very best of my ability and find the facts as I see them from the evidence.

"If I can't satisfy you because you have some preconceptions about me as a person, that's up to you."

Watch the explosive clip here