G20 protests: Demonstrators allege police brutality as clashes begin

A protester is led away by police ahead of the G20 summit

A protester is led away by police ahead of the G20 summit

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Protesters have clashed with riot police ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg, with demonstrators claiming they were brutally suppressed with unnecessary violence.

Scores of protesters converged on the German city yesterday (Tuesday July 4) and a large camp has been set up in front of the town hall, three days before the event begins.

News agencies have published dozens of photos showing demonstrators being restrained and dragged away by the authorities as the tension rose over the course of Tuesday.

German police say they used water cannons on demonstrators, but claim this was a necessary response after activists began hurling rocks and bottles at them.

Officers also claim they were simply ejecting protesters from unauthorised areas, in response to standard protocol, and their approach only escalated when various streets and a bridge where blocked to traffic.

However protesters have given a number of radio and television interviews alleging police brutality, according to news outlet ABC.

Demonstrators even claim police claim into shops and assaulted people who were simply eating sandwiches and taking a break from the demonstrations.

Violence has long been forecast ahead of the event, with 8,000 violent protestors expected to converge on Hamburg for an event which will be attended by Donald Trump, Theresa May and Angela Merkel, amongst others.

Ahead of the event police claimed to have seized a variety of weapons including knives, baseball bats and presumed fire bombs in a series of raids in and around Hamburg.