Gang that held knife to baby’s throat jailed

Thursday, July 25, 2019

A gang who held a knife to a baby’s throat after forcing their way into a Coventry home have been jailed.

Warwick Crown Court heard that the four men, Joshua Juggan, 24, Malik Ragnatt, 21, Daniel McKain, 29 and Gregory Crockett, 24, tied two female occupants to chairs and raided the property on June 18, 2018.

West Midlands Police said one man held a craft knife to a 10-month-old baby's throat after the gang discovered a safe containing cash inside a kitchen cupboard.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Tom Simpson said: "This was a truly sickening case - it's hard to imagine that anyone could stoop so low as to threaten to injure a baby.”

The gang took the safe and some jewellery and fled.

Two of the men, cousins Juggan and Ragnatt from London, were intercepted and arrested by police on the M40 motorway after an onlooker took the vehicle's registration number.

A search of the Ford Focus found £1,400 in £20 notes, along with balaclavas and duct tape.

London-based McKain and Crockett, who is from Birmingham, were arrested later.

All four men admitted robbery, and Crockett pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods, but they all denied threatening the baby.

Crockett was jailed for 12 years, McKain for 11 years and Juggan and Ragnatt for 10 years each.

DC Simpson said of the sentencing: "I'm pleased the court has handed down lengthy prison terms for what was a shocking robbery conspiracy."

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