Gang jailed for kidnapping man and demanding family jewellery

Gang jailed for kidnapping man and demanding family jewellery

Akeem Ivey-Foster, Kash Wallace and Ricardo Davis-McCann have been jailed

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A gang has been handed a total prison sentence of 48 years for the kidnap, assault and theft of a man in Birmingham.

Akeem Ivey-Foster, Ricardo Davis-McCann and Kash Wallace, who are all in their 20s, have each been handed a 16-year prison sentence.

All three were found convicted of robbery, according to the Birmingham Mail.

At the time of the attack, in 2016, the victim was allegedly sitting in his car along with his friend.

It was claimed the trio spoke to the victim in Winson Green before getting in his car and telling him to start driving.

During the journey the man was allegedly choked as well as punched and hit with the handle of a knife.

The trio are then said to have told the man to get out of the car in Black Patch park, Smethwick where he was assaulted and hit with a gun, occasionally knocking him unconscious.

One of the gang members allegedly made a phone call to the man's cousin and asked them to pick up family jewellery, thought to be worth around £5,000, threatening to murder the victim if they did not.

It is thought that the cousin did meet with the gang and brought the jewellery, resulting in the man being freed.

However the gang are said to have told them that he and his family would be murdered unless more jewellery or cash was handed over.

Wallace and Davis-McCann were arrested after the police received information from neighbourhood officers, but Ivey-Foster handed himself in after this.