Gang who burgled Chelsea legend John Terry jailed for 28 years

Terry left for Aston Villa this summer

John Terry, seen here on the right, is one of Chelsea's most decorated players

Friday, July 28, 2017

A group of burglers who stold designer gear worth £400,000 from the home of former Chelsea star John Terry have been jailed for a total of 28 years.

Four men had admitted conspiracy to commit burglary at Kingston Crown Court, while a fifth had admitted handling stolen goods.

The burglers stole jewellery worth £220,000 from Terry's Surrey mansion, as well as designer handbags worth £126,000 and a series of Harry Potter first edition books, which were valued at £18,000.

After their first raid, the gang returned for a second attempt on the house with an angle grinder whose job was to breach the house's safe. But they managed to wake the housekeeper and trigger an alarm.

The raids took place in February, and Judge Susan Tapping says they were part of a series of burglaries across Surrey and Sussex in which the gang stole goods worth £600,000.

Terry was skiing at the time of the raid, and had posted pictures from the French Alps on instagram. The judge said this may have been "a mistake."

Tapping said the raids were "carefully planned" and Terry's house was "deliberately targeted". She also desdribed the thieves as "experienced, if not professional burglaries," according to the BBC.

The four men who admitted  conspiracy to commit burglary were jailed for between five and eight years. The man who admitted handling stolen goods received a 12-month sentence, suspended for a year, as well as a two-month curfew and rehabilitation.

Terry is one of the most decorated players in Chelsea's history, having won five Premier League titles as well as the Champions League during his time at the London club.

Earlier this summer he moved from Chelsea to Championship club to Aston Villa on a free transfer.