Gavin Williamson to Tory MPs: Stop ‘parliamentary shenanigans’

Gavin Williamson is urging MPs to back their leader

Monday, September 2, 2019

Gavin Williamson has urged Conservative MPs to rally behind the Prime Minister ahead of an expected parliamentary battle over Brexit.

The Education Secretary told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer any MP looking to play “parliamentary shenanigans” is putting Boris Johnson in a weaker negotiating position.

“Tory MPs, whatever their views on Brexit, they need to be rallying behind the Prime Minister because we want to send him to Europe to get the best possible deal,” he said.

“Trying to play parliamentary shenanigans with the Labour Party is not the best way of putting him in the best position to get the best for Britain.”

The former Chief Whip added: “A deal can be done, it will be done and the Prime Minister is the best person, the only person that can deliver that.”

Jeremy Corbyn has been in talks with opposition parties in preparation for a truncated parliamentary session before the Queen’s Speech on October 14.

He may try to apply for an extension of Article 50 through legislation, or alternatively declare a vote of no-confidence in the Prime Minister.

Mr Williamson has accused Mr Corbyn of “trying to undermine” the chance of an exit deal with the European Union.

“We’ve got to defeat this and we need to have every Conservative MP who got elected on a manifesto to deliver Brexit to be uniting behind the Prime Minister,” he said.

“What Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are doing is they’re trying to undermine Britain’s ability to best negotiate the best possible deal to exit the European Union.”

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