'Gay cure' film row: Christian group says its screening will go ahead despite cinema blocking it

Christian group Core Issues Trust says 'gay cure' film will go ahead, despite cinema cancelling screening

LGBT groups have fought against the film being shown

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Christian group has said its screening of a film slammed for allegedly promoting a 'gay cure' will go ahead, despite the cinema stating it had been blocked.

The Core Issues Trust had booked a screen at the Vue cinema in Piccadilly, London to screen its film Voices of the Silenced, which is about 15 people who stop living gay lifestyles. Critics say the film depicts homosexuality as wrong and suggests that it can be reversed.

LGBT news website Pink News started a petition against the film being shown and Vue has now cancelled the booking.

However the chief executive of the group, Mike Davidson, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "It has been pulled but we’ll be there at 6:30pm at the Vue theatre, Piccadilly Circus, and the screening will go ahead."

He said the cinema has had the film since January 22 and have "sat on that until the day that Pink News came up with this protest" so "this is about pragmatism and responding to pressure."

Davidson claimed his group has "never used" the term 'gay cure' and that's just the term "the media uses to dismiss this."

He explained the Core Issues Trust "know that gay people are fully entitled to live as they choose" but "we feel the same right needs to be given to these people who want to come away from those behaviours and live in a different way.

"We make sure that anybody who sits in front of us is there of their own accord, not because of some internalised homophobia or pressure from a church."

But Andrew Gilliver, from the LGBT Foundation, argued that official psychology organisations "say that it’s harmful to even moot the idea that you can reduce same-sex attraction and its harmful to even think that this is something that could be altered."

He claimed "when you are a person who has been on the receiving end of this kind of language... I think you understand how dangerous this is and the harm it causes to people."

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