Gay man accused of deliberately infecting people with HIV 'told victim he was being paranoid'

Man accused of deliberately infecting people with HIV allegedly told 'victim he was being paranoid'

Daryll Rowe is accused of telling his lovers he wasn't infected by the virus (Credit: Twitter @securityctrl)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A man accused of deliberately infecting his lovers with HIV is alleged to have told one of his victims he was being "paranoid."

Daryll Rowe is on trial at Lewes Crown Court, where he has been accused of deliberately spreading HIV and tampering with condoms. 

In one particular incident, an individual claims he met Rowe in Brighton where they proceeded to have sex. 

The young man, who can't be named for legal reasons, found a broken condom afterwards and became concerned. 

In subsequent text messages, Rowe is alleged to have called the other man a "paranoid, dramatic fool" who was easily wound up. 

The hairdresser has denied allegations made by 10 men that he deliberately infected them with HIV. 

He faces 10 counts: five of grievous bodily harm and five of the same charge with intent.