Gay MP close to tears defending Birmingham LGBT lessons

Angela Eagle

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Angela Eagle was visibly upset whilst defending the teaching of same-sex relationships in a House of Commons debate.

The gay Labour MP said ongoing protests taking place outside a Birmingham Primary School against its teaching of LGBT issues would not make people go "back in the closet".

The mostly-Muslim protesters at Anderton Park Primary School argue that young children should not be taught about the topic without parental consent.

“We mustn’t put together this view that if somebody has a religious objection, that somehow there can be no debate about it from then on it,” Ms Eagle said.

“We aren’t going to get back in the closet, or hide or be ashamed of the way we are, and nor are we going to allow a generation of pupils that are now in school to go through what the pupils of the 80’s had to go through.”

The emotional speech was a direct response to fellow Labour MP Roger Godsiff’s defence of the protesters.

"There was no consultation with the parents, and the headteacher made it plain that no consultation was going to take place and no collective meetings with parents were held," he said.

He has defended his stance, despite criticism in the Commons from members of his own party, but said he did not intend to cause offence to the Birmingham LGBT community.

Ms Eagle continued: “If we had have done it generations ago there would have been an awful lot of much happier and well-adjusted people than those that have been monstered in the way that they have for the way that they are."

In a tweet Jeremy Corbyn thanked Ms Eagle for her “moving contributions”.

“Schools need to support LGBT+ people,” he wrote.

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