Gay sauna fire leaves three dead in Berlin

The fire department said the various 'nooks and crannies' of the sauna made it hard to reach victims

The fire broke out at one of Berlin's most famous gay saunas

Monday, February 6, 2017

A fire that broke out at a gay sauna in Berlin on Sunday night has left three people dead and one seriously injured.

The fire broke out at Steam Works, a sauna situated in the district of Schonberg which is very popular among Berlin's gay community. It is not presently clear what caused the incident, according to officers quoted in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The fire department said afterwards that the sheer size of the facility, as well as its various nooks and crannies, made it hard to reach the scene of the incident and help those injured.

The fire chief said the doors of "several small rooms had to be forced open" and in these were found "three dead people," according to Ultimas Noticias.

A total of 80 fire rescue workers were rushed the scene, according to a spokesperson. 

When the fire team arrived at the sauna around 25 clients had been able to escape the inferno, some of them covered only by a towel.