Gay serial killer Stephen Port filmed himself raping unconscious man, court hears

'Gay serial killer Stephen Port filmed himself raping an unconscious man', a court hears

The jury watched the videos at The Old Bailey (Getty)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Gay 'serial killer' Stephen Port filmed himself raping a ‘knocked out’ victim along with another man at a New Year's Eve party, a court heard.

Jurors at the Old Bailey were also told that an alleged victim shown in the footage only knew he had been raped after seeing the video, shown to him by police.

The alleged victinm appears unconscious in the recording and claims he did not give consent. He said he first met Port in 2010, and again in late 2014 when the video was taken.

Six graphic videos of instances such as this were played to the jury at the Old Bailey. They played for 20 minutes and were partially pixelated.

Detective Sergeant Mick McInerney claimed the same alleged victim was shown in all six videos played. 

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC told the jurors that 83 homemade sex videos were recovered from Port's phone.

He is accused of murdering four men by giving them the date rape drug GHB over a period of 15 months. Port is also accused of using the drug on other men and raping them at his flat in Barking, London.

The chef has pleaded guilty to 29 offences against 12 men. These offences include four murders, seven rapes, four sexual assaults and administering substance with intent.