Gaza Imam says Jerusalem terror attack permitted by Sharia law

Gaza Imam says Jerusalem terror attack permitted by Sharia law

A truck attack killed four people in Jerusalem

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An extremist Imam in Gaza has claimed the truck attack that killed four people in Jerusalem was permissible under Sharia law.

Ahmad Abou Aklein told Breitbart Jerusalem that the massacre was consistent with Islamic teaching because “it targeted an enemy that occupied Muslim land.

"None of the casualties was an innocent man who lives in a land that is his own. None of the dead could validly claim that occupied Palestine is his country of origin.

“Compare it to a Chinese or an Iraqi soldier who comes to the United States or a European country and occupies it. Will they let it happen? Will they not resist in every possible way?

"This is what the hero did today, he fought against the soldiers of the occupation and killed them, that’s all.”

Gaza, one of the two commonly recognised Palestinian territories, is ruled by Hamas, a group which has been proscribed as a terrorist organisation in several countries. The other territory, the West Bank, is governed by the more moderate Fatah organisation.

The attack took place on Sunday (January 8) when a truck was ploughed into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem. The suspect, 28-year-old Fadi Qunbar, was subsequently shot and killed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested that Sunday's attack was perpetrated by Islamic State, although this appears to be contradict by his police chief Micky Rosenfeld, who has told CNN that "there are no potential active Isis cells here in Israel."