Gender identity row: Columnist claims 'we're being emotionally blackmailed over transgender children'

Church of England transgender guidelines: Columnist concerned over idea of harming children by not validating how children feel about themselves

Caroline Farrow expressed concern for all bullying to be (Stock photo)

Monday, November 13, 2017

A prominent columnist has said she is concerned about possible "emotional blackmail" surrounding new gender identity plans.

Caroline Farrow spoke to talkRADIO about new guidelines from the Church of England, which encourage schools to let their children explore their gender identity. 

In guidelines issued to thousands of schools across the UK, it said Christian teachings should not be used to instill shame in young kids. 

Farrow, a broadcaster and columnist for The Conservative Woman, said she was concerned that the guidelines go too far.

She told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I am concerned we all are being emotionally blackmailed into saying unless you validate a child’s own feelings about themselves, you’re in some way causing them harm. 

"There’s a really strong ideological push to say, unless you accept how trans children feel about themselves, then you’re going to harm them.

"When a child does present with gender dysphoria, which is a very distressing condition, the jury is out on whether or not validating the fact of being born into the wrong body is the right approach.

"Certainly the medical approach would be watchful waiting."

Farrow said she was concerned over a "hierarchy" being established in the seriousness of the different types of bullying.

"We don’t have specific victim identities or policies for these children and rightly so because all bullying is wrong.

"All of it is harmful, damaging and should be stamped out. I don’t like the idea of a kind of hierarchy here."

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