Gender pay gap law: 'This will only produce fake statistics and promote victim culture', says journalist

Gender pay gap law: 'This will produce fake statistics and only appease those who promote victimhood culture', says journalist

Companies will have to publish their gender pay gap (Stock image)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

New laws on the gender pay gap will create fake statistics and only appease people who still want to promote the culture of victimhood, says a journalist.

All UK companies with more than 250 employees are now required to publish the average pay for men and women, bonuses and their average gender pay gap.

News editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs Kate Andrews told Sam Delaney that the figures won't "compare jobs like for like, so it is going to produce manipulated pay gap stats."

This legislation, she said, will just "appease people who still want to promote this victimhood culture around women in the workplace."

She believes women are doing well and and these "fake stats" will in fact hinder the pursuit of gender equality.

Andrews also added that the new ruling will mean employers won't talk to employees about their needs, instead they'll just want to "make sure everyone is the same on a spreadsheet."

However Hannah Peaker, chief of staff for the Women's Equality party, argued that there is "clear research that shows there is outright discrimination when it comes to pay."

She hopes this move will "trigger a conversation within workplaces" about how to solve the gender pay gap, but the legislation still "falls short."

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