General election: Five-week campaign period begins

The campaign will last five weeks

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The five-week general election campaign period officially begins today.

Parliament was dissolved shortly after midnight, meaning there are now no MPs.

Boris Johnson will meet with the Queen at Buckingham Palace today to announce the start of the election drive, ahead of the poll on December 12.

The Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, SNP and Brexit Party have already launched their campaigns, and the Conservatives are set to launch theirs today in the West Midlands.

In a speech, the Prime Minister is expected to slam a "blockading Parliament", adding: "It's time to change the dismal pattern of the last three years and to get out of our rut."

He is expected to put Britain's withdrawal from the EU, the NHS, and law and order at the centre of the Tories' campaign.

He will say: "The alternative is clear - Jeremy Corbyn and his two favourite advisers, dither and delay, turning 2020 into the year of two miserable referendums, one on the EU, and another on Scotland."

The Green Party will also launch their campaign today, and announce plans to borrow more than £900 billion to turn the UK carbon neutral by 2030.

Party leader, Sian Berry, called on voters to make December 12 a "climate election".

Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Johnson are already embroiled in a war of words as the campaign trail kicks off, with the Prime Minister comparing the Labour leader with Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Mr Johnson said Mr Corbyn had taken a stance that demonises billionaires with a "relish and a vindictiveness" not seen since Stalin's attitude to landowners following the Russian revolution.

Hitting back at the comments, the opposition leader said: "The nonsense the super-rich will come out with to avoid paying a bit more tax...".

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