General election: Labour loss in Wales could be unprecedented, says political science professor

'General election could have an unprecedented result in Wales with Labour loss,' says professor of political science

A poll shows Labour have fallen behind the Tories in Wales

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A leading professor in political science has said the election in June could result in an "unprecedented" result in Wales after a poll shows the Tories have edged ahead of Labour. 

Wales has been a Labour stronghold for decades. But now, a report released by the Wales Governance Centre in Cardiff University shows the Conservatives have a ten-point lead over the Labour Party. 

Professor Roger Scully, who works for the centre, told Paul Ross this was "unprecedented because Labour has won every general election in Wales from 1922 onwards" and the last time the Tories had won in Wales was in the 1850s. 

He pointed out how Theresa May is the most popular politician currently in Wales, and how this - along with other factors like a divided Labour Party, and an unpopular leader in Jeremy Corbyn - could spell the end of the so-called 'Red Wales.'

Listen above.