George Galloway: 'America is not our special friend'

George Galloway: 'America is not our 'special' friend'

Our presenter gave crucial advice on UK-US relations

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

George Galloway has dismissed claims of a 'special relationship' between the UK and the United States.

During his show, our host had received a tweet from a fan, Ford, about Donald Trump's now-suspended travel ban.

Ford told the new US President not to "pick and choose" the countries to be banned, ending his tweet with the message: "make America sensible again."

In responding to this, our presenter made clear that in his view, America's never been sensible. He told listeners that America isn't "exceptional", nor is it a "special friend" to the UK. 

George said: “I’m not sure when America was ever sensible.

"There are far too many people on the left who objectively buy into the idea of American exceptionalism.

"America is not exceptional. There is no free world. If there were, America wouldn’t be its leader.

"It is not our leader and it is not our special friend."

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