George Galloway asks if Turkish regime had anything to do with Andrey Karlov shooting

Andrei Karlov: 'If this is a crime or a blunder by the Turkish regime, the consequences are bound to be severe', says George Galloway

The gunman stands alone after shooting Andrey Karlov dead yesterday

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

George Galloway has asked if the Turkish regime had any involvement in yesterday's assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, and said the consquences of the shooting are likely to be severe for the Turkish regime. 

Yesterday Andrey Karlov was shot as he gave a speech at an art gallery just 60 metres from the Russian embassy. His attacker reportedly shouted "don't forget aleppo" as the attack was carried out. 

He was later shot by security forces, while Karlov died of his wounds in hospital. 

The ripples of this event could strain the relationship between Turkey and Russia. While both sides have condemned the attack, George Galloway warns the consequences of the act will remain severe for the Turkish government. 

He said: "On the face of it, they are grotesquely negligent for failing to protect the ambassador in their own capital city - it's their legal duty to do so. 

"It's our responsibility to protect ambassadors in London, it's Turkey's to do the same in Ankara. 

"Worse than that. It was a Turkish state employee who was the assassin and no one came to the ambassador's aid. The killer was then killed, so he can't tell us any more about why he committed this grave crime. 

"If this is a crime or a blunder by the Turkish regime, the consequences are bound to be severe."

The Turkish government faced a coup earlier this year and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has since launched a sweeping coup of the public sector to remove those suspected of disloyalty. However there is currently no evidence the Turkish government had anything to do with yesterday's murder.