George Galloway asks: 'Why does Donald Trump travel ban not include Saudi Arabia?'

George Galloway to Donald Trump: 'Where's the sense in not banning Saudi Arabia?'

The president in the Oval Office, shortly after signing a series of executive orders

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

George Galloway has lambasted Donald Trump for excluding Saudi Arabia from the list of countries hit with an immigration ban under his executive order.

In the press conference that preceded their private luncheon at the White House last week, Mr Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to continue to work together to defeat Islamic State and Islamist extremism.

The Prime Minister vowed to maintain co-operation with American intelligence in order to "defeat the ideology that lies behind it". 

George Galloway, however, had some strong words for Mrs. May and the President. 

He said: "That was very stupid on both their parts. Theresa May has just reaffirmed our stronger-than-ever relationship with Saudi Arabia, which is the thunder and fountainhead of the very extremism she’s talking about fighting.

“And Trump announced a list of Muslim countries from which refugees will no longer be accepted – five of them being bombed by the US, by the way – and yet he excluded the Gulf countries from the list.

"This is where most of the ideology, the money, the materielle, and the men who are the terrorists come from. So ask yourself this – you ban nine Muslim countries but you don’t ban Saudi Arabia, from which where 13 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came.

"Where's the sense in that?"