George Galloway backs Jeremy Corbyn in 'traingate' row with 'billionaire privatising train boss' Sir Richard Branson

George Galloway backs Jeremy Corbyn in 'traingate' row

Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn found himself at the centre of a new storm on Tuesday when Virgin Trains disputed his claims he was forced to sit on the floor of a ‘ram-packed train’.

Virgin produced CCTV images showing the Labour leader walking past empty seats on the London to Newcastle service, seemingly making a mockery of his version of events.

But George Galloway defended Corbyn when he joined the Sam Delaney show on Wednesday afternoon, and questioned the release of the footage.

He said: "A billionaire privatising train boss (Sir Richard Branson) is irked that Jeremy Corbyn's going to nationalise his golden goose.

"The billionaire has gone to great lengths involving CCTV and breaches of the data protection act by putting pictures of people’s faces online, to try and show Jeremy Corbyn is dishonest.”

Galloway added the real ‘traingate’ is the fact taxpayers give three times the public subsidy to privatised train operators than we gave to British Rail when the public actually owned it.

Listen to the full interview above.