George Galloway on Barcelona: Tony Blair caused Las Ramblas massacre

Galloway spoke about Barcelona, Finland, Charlottesville and Trump

Barcelona remains in shock after last week's attacks

Monday, August 21, 2017

George Galloway has said Tony Blair and George W Bush must take ultimate responsibility for the spate of terror attacks which engulfed Europe last week.

Galloway was speaking in the wake of the attacks in Barcelona and Finland which shook the world. Police believe both attacks were perpetrated by young men of Arabic origin.

In his opening monologue, our Friday night host said that while the "direct responsibility" for the attacks lies with those who committed them, "all this blood is on the hands of the people who plunged us into war and occupation in 2003.

"I cannot and will not exculpate Tony Blair and George W Bush for the ocean of blood with which they have flooded the world." 

Galloway also asked why, in an age where security services can infiltrate every aspect of our daily lives, the authorities did not foresee this attack - and why there weren't any barriers on Las Ramblas.

Of the attackers themselves, Galloway said "I scratch my head at what the butcher will say to the Lord on judgement day. How they will say to the Lord 'I murdered a three-year-old child in your name Lord. Please let me pass into paradise.'

"The Almighty will not ask anyone on judgement day what other people did, but what they did in their lives."

Turning to America, Galloway described the defenders of the Confederacy as "goose-stepping Nazis" and suggested Heather Heyer may not be the last "martyr" of the dispute between left and right.

On Steve Bannon, our presenter said "it's war, now, between the far right, who feel betrayed by Trump, and the left and the liberals and the military-industrial complex and the deep state, who have swarmed around Donald Trump as one disaster begat another.

"If it doesn't end soon, this will end in blood. And I don't know who's blood.

"The Presidency of Donald Trump is now coming to an end."

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