George Galloway blasts the SNP: I've never met a Scot that supports free movement of labour

George Galloway says members of the SNP feel boxed in by Nicola Sturgeon over independence

George Galloway believes members of the SNP feel boxed in by Nicola Sturgeon

Thursday, March 9, 2017

George Galloway has rubbished the idea of a new Scottish independence referendum, saying Scottish people don't agree with the core values of the EU as Nicola Sturgeon claims.

Nicola Sturgeon has said a "common sense" date for a Scottish referendum would be autumn 2018, citing the fact a majority of Scots voted against Brexit last June.

However Galloway told Sam Delaney that, in reality, Scottish people don't subscribe to the EU project, and wouldn't like the idea of adopting the euro - a key requirement for entry into the EU as an independent country.

“I’ve never met a Scottish person that wants to join the euro, that wants the free movement of European labour," he told Sam. "The idea that the Scots are gagging for that is a very very big mistake."

Galloway added: "If [Nicola Sturgeon holds a referendum] then I'm absolutely certain that she will lose it and I think many in the SNP feel that way too.

"[The SNP] don't like the fact they're being, in a way, boxed in. they have another go and lose again, that really will be it for a generation, not just a couple of years."

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