George Galloway: Brexit could save Britain from the next Hitler in mainland Europe

George was speaking about Brexit on his talkRADIO show

George Galloway said Britain will never fall victim to fascism

Monday, December 5, 2016

George Galloway has suggested that Britain's decision to leave the European Union might save the country from the influence of far-right fascism in mainland Europe.

Speaking to a caller on his talkRADIO show, Galloway, an advocate of Brexit, said that there is no chance of fascism winning mainstream success in the UK, pointing out that countless "would-be Hitlers" have tried and failed to infiltrate London's political establishment.

However he said that in continental Europe the influence of the far-right is growing, as evidenced by Norbert Hofer's narrow defeat in the Austrian presidential elections and Marine Le Pen's imminent push for the French presidency.

Galloway said that there was "every possibility, maybe even a probability" that a fascist party will win power in Europe, and said Brexit might insulate Britain from their influence.