George Galloway: 'Council who presided over Grenfell Tower fiasco must be booted out'

George Galloway: 'Council who presided over Grenfell tower fiasco can't continue to govern'

Our host ripped into the council following the election of its new leader

Thursday, July 20, 2017

George Galloway condemned Kensington and Chelsea Council for the Grenfell Tower disaster in his opening monologue today, and said they should be removed.

On Wednesday, a local government meeting within the council saw the election of Elizabeth Campbell to the position of leader. 

She was heckled upon her appointment and during a statement to express her sorrow for the fire which engulfed the tower in June. The heckler said 'you let down the dead, and now you're coming for the living."

Galloway said the intervention was "frankly brilliant," adding that those words "will ring across the borough.

"This was an act of corporate manslaughter on a grand scale, as grand a scale as Britain has ever seen.

"I knew the people at Grenfell Tower. I was I know and understand their burning anger.

"People in power made criminally negligent decisions, which lead to horrifying death which could have and should have been easily avoided.

"All death is to be regretted. But a death such as that, that could easily have been avoided, a death such as that that was warned against by the very people who died, just a couple of months before, such a death can’t go unpunished. Tens of such deaths can't go unpunished. Scores of such deaths can’t go unpunished.

"I can tell you a council which has presided over this bloody, grisly fiasco can’t possibly be allowed to continue to govern."

"The whole council should be dissolved. There should be fresh elections now."

Galloway also spoke passionately about the ongoing furore surrounding the BBC, following the Corporation's big pay reveal yesterday.

"It wouldn't be so bad that John Humphrys gets £700,000 a year," our presenter said, "if he wasn't so mean and nasty to train drivers, to nurses' leaders, to public sector workers when they ask for a mere fraction of his wages for their labours.

"It wouldn't be so bad that, what's his name, the Daily Politics, Sunday Politics guy, Andrew Marr, it wouldn't be so bad that he was rolling, rolling, rolling in hundreds of thousands of publicly funded pounds, if all of his body language every week was not bent towards telling the rest of us that we must live within what he calls our means.

"Alan Shearer gets half a million of your pounds, your pounds, for speaking for nine minutes on a Saturday night through a scowl. They say that people will poach him if we don't. Are you having a laugh?

"Evans, what does he even do for £2.25 million. I'm told he presents a radio show. So do I!"

Galloway went on to describe these "BBC wallahs" as "virulent defenders of the prevailing orthodoxy. And now we know why - because they profit from it very, very handsomly."

However he blamed the managers at the BBC for allowing salaries to escalate, not the presenters themselves, and said he agreed with Jeremy Corbyn that these managers "should be on their bikes, on their way to the labour exchange."

Listen above.