George Galloway: A coup against Donald Trump would mean civil war in America

'The purpose of the Trump dossier is to put him in a corner and blackmail him', says George Galloway

A dossier which featured allegations about Donald Trump was published last week

Monday, January 16, 2017

George Galloway has suggested that if anyone successfully mounts a last-ditch attempt to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, America will be engulfed in civil war.

Galloway was discussing the Trump dossier and the ongoing criticism of the President-elect on his talkRADIO show.

Last week economics expert Paul Mason called for an uprising to stop Mr Trump from taking power, even though the controversial billionaire is due to be sworn in later this week. A number of other high-profile figures have also called for direct action; comedian Rosie O'Donnell even called for martial law to be imposed on the streets of America to keep Mr Trump from taking office.

However Galloway suggested that such a dramatic move could backfire spectacularly, telling listeners “a coup at this stage would mean civil war in America."

He added that America is in "a condition of mass hysteria, not seen since the 1950s. And why? Because Trump doesn’t want war with Russia, in fact he doesn’t want war anywhere, he says he has no appetite for regime change, he’d prefer to concentrate on the problems in the United States itself."

Our presenter also said that the most likely purpose of the dossier "is to put Trump in a corner [and] to blackmail him."

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