George Galloway defends Russian involvement in Aleppo: 'Sometimes you have to choose between the bad and the worse'

Aleppo has witnessed a sustained bombardment in recent months

Protesters hold placards decrying the deaths of innocent civilians in Aleppo during the bombardment by pro-Assad forces

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

talkRADIO presenter George Galloway has defended Russia's involvement in Aleppo, saying they are working towards the elimination of Isis and other Islamist groups.

Russia's bombardment of the Syrian city, in support of Bashar al-Assad's regime, has been widely criticised in light of huge numbers of civilian deaths. Yesterday's assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara has been interpreted as an act of revenge by Syrian rebel supporters in Turkey.

However Galloway, responding to an angry caller on his show, said that "sometimes you have to choose between the bad and the worse", adding that while he has criticisms of Assad or Vladimir Putin, they are far better than the people they are fighting against.

Our presenter also said that Russia's is the only international military force which is operating in Syria legally, and suggested that groups such as Isis and Al-Qaeda are the real enemy.

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