George Galloway: Donald Trump murdered the English language in inauguration speech

George says murdering words is better than murdering people

Donald Trump was savaged by George for the coarseness of his speech

Friday, January 20, 2017

George Galloway hammered Donald Trump for "murdering the English language" in an explosive opening to his weekly talkRADIO show.

Our presenter also said that, while Melania Trump was as elegant as Jackie Kennedy at today's inauguration, Mr Trump is not a patch on JFK.

"This man can scarcely string two sentences together. He scarcely ever completes a sentence and I don't know if he will complete his term of office," Galloway said.

However he said the public should stop pining for Barack Obama, who, in George's opinion, has murdered scores of people with his foreign policy.

George also said that Mr Trump, for all his brazen coarseness, is still a slightly better choice of leader than Hillary Clinton, whom he beat in the US elections last year.

"This was a contest between two evils, and the greater evil was sitting there in the audience, by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton."

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