George Galloway: Donald Trump regime is rotten from the head down

Trump, Blair, Young and Worboys were all singled out by George Galloway this week

Donald Trump was in the line of fire on George Galloway's latest show

Monday, January 8, 2018

George Galloway tore into Donald Trump on his weekly show, describing the billionaire's political regime as "rotten from the head down."

Our host also gave a withering assessment of Tony Blair's latest foray into the Brexit debate, ridiculed Toby Young and condemned the authorities for releasing rapist Jon Worboys.

On Trump, Galloway was happy to mock the beleaguered US President over the new book from Michael Wolff, which has now been leaked online. The book contains a number of remarkable allegations, including that Trump locks himself in his room at 6.30pm with cheesburgers and coca-cola.

However George added that the picture of a "putrefying" presidency was more serious than any of the personal claims made in Wolff's book.

On Blair, he said the former Labour leader should stay out of the Brexit debate, as he's already done enough damage with the Iraq war.

Worboys, he said, should have been locked up for life, while Young was condemned for his "sewer" of sexist, homophobic tweets.

"The fact that Boris Johnson is his biggest supporter in Government... maybe tells you all that you need to know," Galloway continued.

Watch below.