George Galloway: Donald Trump supporters will start civil war if recount brings Hillary Clinton victory

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

George Galloway has suggested that Donald Trump's supporters will start "civil war" if a recount of the US election votes leads to defeat for their man.

George was speaking to political columnist John Le Boutillier on his weekly show about the prospect of a recount of the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, for which Green Party candidate Jill Stein is currently campaigning.

Stein alleges that foreign hackers may have pushed Trump to victory in the three swing states by obtaining their voter databases and filing bogus absentee ballots.

George said: "The Trumpeters are fairly, how shall I put it, boisterous people.

"If their man was robbed by a legal action of the presidency, there'd be civil war in your country."

Le Boutillier said the issue was "nothing but trouble" but added that there had been rumours of foreign hacking into the voting system for months beforehand.

Galloway also talked of Trump's prospective cabinet, suggesting there were "plenty of frightening characters" in the President-elect's inner circle.

Listen to the clip by clicking above.

George also suggested that Nigel Farage could become America's ambassador to Britain and rubbished the SNP's Brexit claims in a typically inflammatory show.