George Galloway: Donald Trump is supporting Isis with his foreign policy

Caller Amy loved Trump and clearly disliked Jeremy Corbyn

Donald Trump clearly has a fan in Hove

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Donald Trump is backing Islamic State with his policy in Syria, according to George Galloway.

Our host made the comment on talkRADIO this morning during a feisty call with Amy, who backed Donald Trump and said Jeremy Corbyn was "a loser."

Amy, from Hove, began her call by saying that George was living in a "parallel universe" and suggesting Trump is "turning out to be the most successful president in history." 

The Russia links, she said, were simply "a fiction" and Trump has accomplished some very real things, which we've chosen to ignore.

Amy also said that Trump is "smashing Isis to smithereens." But Galloway, standing in for Julia Hartley-Brewer, said that, by bombing Syrian government troops, Trump is actually "bombing in support of Isis."

He also clashed with Amy over Corbyn, of whom our caller was definitely not a fan.

Amy said "the nearest I want Jeremy Corbyn to come to No.10 is if he's polishing the door-handle."

When Amy described Corbyn as a loser, Galloway gave her short shrift, pointing out that he is ahead of Theresa May in the polls and has pushed the Tories to crisis point.

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