George Galloway: Donald Trump's treatment of Vladimir Putin is far better than Britain's crazy threats

'A new world is being born with President Donald Trump, but Britain threatening Russia is still crazy', says George Galloway

Michael Fallon claimed Russia is testing Nato and the west

Monday, February 6, 2017

George Galloway has warned that UK lacks the power to challenge Russia and said that, for all the furore surrounding Donald Trump's treatment of Vladimir Putin, his approach is far better than the UK's.

On Thursday Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claimed that Russia was "testing Nato and the west," adding that it is trying to "expand its sphere of influence, destabilise countries and weaken the alliance."

This was followed by Donald Trump's suggestion that the US and Russia are morally equivalent, a claim that has drawn criticism from Americans across the political spectrum.

Galloway said: "I think that Trump represents a decisive switch in the strategy of Western countries. I think we have a situation where the old world, pre-Trump is no longer able to rule, but the new world that will succeed it is struggling to be born.

“The idea of Britain threatening Russia with war and with cyber war is just about the craziest thing that I have seen from a British minister in recent times," he added. “This is the lunacy of this pip-squeak. [Michael Fallon] puts the squeak into the word pip-squeak.

“Would you threaten somebody that you’ve already told us are the world's experts on cyber warfare? Would you threaten them with a pre-emptive cyber war strike? I certainly wouldn’t."

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