George Galloway: 'English people's great strength is their lack of nationalism'

George Galloway: 'English people among the least nationalised in politics - and that's one of the best things about them'

George Galloway has explained the difference between attitudes the Irish and the English take to politics

Monday, March 6, 2017

George Galloway has said in terms of politics, the English are the "least nationalised" in Britain - and that's a good thing.

Our host was speaking to a caller, Mark, on his show, who pointed out the voters in Scotland and Ireland appeared to be a lot more sophisticated than their English counterparts.

Galloway said: "The Irish are very good at elections. They’ve got proper elections with proportional representation.

"Irish politics is very much more sophisticated and smart than ours, but it has its political character because Ireland was an occupied country which had to fight for its independence against an occupying armed force.

"On the other hand, we here in Britain have a much more benign political situation as far as nationalism is concerned.

"Particularly in England – people in England are the least nationalised I’ve met anywhere in the world and I happen to think that’s one of the best things about them."