George Galloway in furious row with Charlie Mullins: 'Let's sort this out face to face'

Charlie Mullins called George Galloway out on talkRADIO

Sparks flew between George Galloway and Charlie Mullins on talkRADIO

Friday, July 28, 2017

George Galloway had a furious row with Charlie Mullins live on talkRADIO, which culminated in the latter suggesting to our presenter: "come round and see me and we'll sort this out."

Mullins, a high-profile businessman and Conservative donor, was in the studio with James Whale just a day after the Pimlico Plumbers boss sparked a firestorm by calling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a "tw*t" on the BBC.

Galloway, a supporter of Corbyn, has demanded a boycott of Mullins' Pimlico Plumbers business - so naturally James invited him to call in and have a friendly chat.

Mullins began by saying he though Galloway was "a great guy" but George was in no mood to be conciliatory, saying Mullins was "not the sharpest tool in the plumber's bag" and likening him to Gerald Ratner - the businessman who once wiped millions from his company's valuation by saying its products were "crap."

Galloway told Mullins: "you make your living off the sweat of plumbers. You're driving around in a Rolls-Royce, you're swilling in champagne, and it all comes from the sweat of your workers.

 "He [Mullins] does hold the order of the British empire, but I don't think it's for the unblocking of drains of the British commonwealth. I think it's because he throws tens of thousands of pounds at the Conservative party. I don't think that makes him a working-class hero."

Mullins countered by saying this wasn't true, as he only funded the Tories through auctions and event bookings, rather than donations, and told George to "get his facts rights."

The interview got even more heated when Galloway broached a high-profile court case lost by Pimlico Plumbers earlier this year, which got Mullins well and truly riled up.

Mullins: "All that personal nonsense, you need to wipe that clear.

"Thank God you're on the other end of the phone, not in front of me. If you do have an issue with me, come round and see me and we'll sort it out between us."

"I'd tell you to f-off."

James, who seemed rather happy to stir things up, also suggested to George that Corbyn will never be Prime Minister, and his election to success is purely due to "lying to students" about tuition fees.

James also suggested to his fellow talkRADIO star: "You'd like to see all those working for Pimlico Plumbers to be out of work," prompting Galloway to complain it was "two against one."

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