George Galloway: I know Clinton election hack was an inside job, Russia not involved

Galloway says he has concrete evidence the Wikileaks emails weren't hacked by Russia

George Galloway doubts the official line on the Wikileaks election data hack

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

George Galloway claims he knows for sure that Russia was not involved in hacking Hillary Clinton's campaign during the US election.

It has been claimed that Russian hackers were responsible for the leak of a huge cache of Democratic Party emails by Wikileaks in the lead-up to the election. US President Obama, the FBI and CIA all claim to have evidence of Russian involvement.

A total of 35 Russian diplomats were expelled from the US last week, with the alleged hack cited as a key reason.

However Galloway, speaking to American political journalist John LeBoutillier, said the documents weren't leaked by Russian hackers - but rather by a Democrat insider. He added that he had an unimpeachable source for this information.

He also put it to LeBoutillier that America is happy to hack data from other countries, but doesn't like it when the same thing happens to them.

Earlier in his show, Galloway claimed that the expulsion of the Russian diplomats wasn't triggered by hacking at all - but rather by Mr Obama's embarrassment over his repeated foreign policy disasters.