George Galloway: I like the Queen but we need a referendum on the monarchy

The Queen has ruled Britain since 1952

A string of fake news reports claimed the Queen had died

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

George Galloway has said it's time for a referendum on the monarchy - even though he has no personal animus towards the Queen.

Speaking on his talkRADIO show after hoax reports that Queen Elizabeth had died, Galloway said he had met her twice and found her "warm and funny" and hoped her rein continues for several years to come.

However Galloway had harsher words for her son and heir, Prince Charles, and his ascension to the throne would expose the problem of hereditary monarchy.

Our presenter said "I would baulk at the idea that somebody should become head of state in Britain, in the 21st century, because they were the first-born male heir of the person who had the gig before him."

Expanding on his view, Galloway said listeners wouldn't countenance the idea of being treated for a medical emergency by an unqualified surgeon who had simply inherited the job from their father - so the principle shouldn't apply to the monarchy either.

"I do think we have to have a say of whether we wish to go on with the frankly juvenile practice of choosing our head of state by hereditary principle," Galloway continued. "We have to make a decision about [the monarchy] and we need to have a referendum on whether or not to continue having a hereditary monarchy."

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