George Galloway: I warned Tony Blair about Iraq - but even I didn't expect horror of Isis

Galloway has created his own documentary about the Iraq war

George Galloway is arguably Tony Blair's most vocal critic over the Iraq war

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

George Galloway told his talkRADIO listeners that he warned Tony Blair over the consequences of the Iraq invasion - but even he couldn't have envisaged the horror that was to follow.

Galloway said he pulled Blair aside in front of the House of Commons toilets on the eve of the invasion, and told him that "there are no al-Qaeda in Iraq, but if you and Bush invade and occupy it there will be hundreds of thousands of al-Qaeda fighters."

However he added "even I, in my lucid imagination, could not have imagined that a force would emerge even worse than al-Qaeda, by the name of Isis."

Galloway also alleged that Blair wanted to invade a number of other countries, and hit out at the double standards displayed to the people of Palestine by the British people.

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