George Galloway: 'I wont rest until Tony Blair is brought to justice, no matter how long it takes'

George Galloway: 'I wont rest until Tony Blair is brought to justice, no matter how long it takes'

Our host didn't hold back on the former PM

Monday, July 17, 2017

George Galloway vowed to keep up his pursuit of Tony Blair until the former prime minister is "brought to justice" on his talkRADIO show this morning.

Galloway, standing in for Julia Hartley-Brewer, also had some strong words for Chancellor Philip Hammond in an explosive opening to his show.

Blair's decision to invade Iraq remains a source of bitterness and controversy, nearly 15 years after it was made.

Earlier this month Sir John Chilcot, who headed up the Iraq inquiry, said Blair was not "straight with the nation" over the invasion. However Blair has since defended himself, saying "there were no lies, Parliament and Cabinet were not misled, there was no ‘secret deal’ with America, intelligence was not falsified, and the decision was made in good faith."

Galloway gave his own take on the matter this morning, saying "I wouldn’t want you to think it's personal. It’s true he [Blair] dealt me a grave personal injustice.

"But I want him accountable for the deaths of one million people in Iraq, for the inferno he created which is still burning now.

"No matter how many years go by, I will pursue Tony Blair until he’s brought to justice."

He also let rip on the Chancellor for his comments about workers being overpaid and the reports of his disputes with fellow Cabinet members over Brexit.

Galloway said: "Hammond the hypocrite is the front-page splash. Hammond, who rakes in 10k a month in renting out his house while he lives tax and rent-free in 11 Downing Street.

"Hammond, who said workers are overpaid, is a man dripping in gold."

There was also time to discuss the first anniversary of the failed coup in Turkey, which brought chaos to the country.

"I warned then, while it was happening, that if this coup failed, Erdogan would use it to create a terrible revenge on his political opponents," Galloway said.

"My goodness, did that come true. Turkey is a grim penitentiary."

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