George Galloway: The idea that Donald Trump won because of sexism or racism is utter rubbish

Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald Trump's election victory has nothing to do with racism or sexism and everything to do with widespread mistrust of the corporate elites, says George Galloway.

Mr Trump beat his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to the White House in a shock election result earlier this week. The result has sparked protest and violence across America.

In his weekly monologue, George said he predicted Mr Trump's victory months ago, because "I actually understand the political system."

He went on to point out that Mr Trump won more black votes than Mitt Romney had in 2012, and Hillary Clinton achieved virtually the same number of female votes as Barack Obama did four years ago - suggesting a large number of women voted for her rival.

Homing in on the Latino issue, George said the idea that large numbers of Latin American immigrant sided with Ms Clinton was "obviously false. Why would a legal Latino immigrant oppose halting illegal immigration?"

Rather than the lazy theories about racism and sexism, George suggested that the economy was the root cause of Mr Trump's victory, adding "people have had enough of the establishment, of the elite, of the political class."

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