George Galloway: If America can have thousands of nuclear weapons, why can't North Korea have one?

George Galloway reveals more about being arrested for fighting against nuclear weapons

North Korea conducted a missile test

Monday, July 10, 2017

George Galloway has told talkRADIO it's unfair that America can amass a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons while North Korea isn't allowed a single one.

Our presenter also revealed more about being arrested during a protest against nuclear weapons on his talkRADIO show.

TheUnited States, Japan and South Korea said they will push for further sanctions on North Korea at the United Nations after the rogue state's recent missile test.

But Galloway said it was absurd that "the United States can have thousands of nuclear weapons, many of them pointing at North Korea, but the North Koreans aren't allowed to have one pointing in the opposite direction."

Turning to his own experience, Galloway said: "I got arrested outside our own nuclear weapons base at Faslane. Carried off by coppers."

He then "gave the only ever interview on the BBC conducted by a man being carried upside down by four police officers and flashing a peace sign in the air.

"I spent hours in jail in Greenock, which is much harder than it sounds, because I’m against nuclear weapons."

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