George Galloway: If Louvre terrorist had wanted to wage jihad in America, Donald Trump's travel ban wouldn't have stopped him

'If the Louvre Museum attacker travelled to America, Donald Trump's travel ban would not stop him', says George Galloway

A man attempted an attack on the Louvre Museum last week

Monday, February 6, 2017

If the Louvre Museum attack suspect had attempted to go to America to cause chaos there, he would not have been stopped by Donald Trump's travel ban.

That's the view of George Galloway, who was discussing Friday's attack at the Louvre in central Paris on his talkRADIO show.

The suspect, an Egyptian national, is being detained in hospital as he was shot during the incident, and George said: “It turned out he had only recently arrived in France, we don’t know yet in what capacity.

“[He came] from Dubai, although he is an Egyptian national. Neither Dubai nor Egypt are on President Trump’s travel ban, evidently not on the French travel ban either.

“There is this swamp that I talk about, out of which Isis and Al-Qaeda and other people like them are climbing," he added. "It’s better if we drain that swamp. Whilst we’re draining it, we have to shoot down dead anybody who’s climbed out of it with the intention of doing us harm.

"But instead of reducing that swamp we are busily refilling it with new grievance and grievance is how we got here."

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